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The World Fantasy Convention (WFC) has been held since 1975 as an annual gathering and reunion of professionals, collectors, and others interested in the field of light and dark fantasy art and literature. The four-day convention includes comprehensive programming geared toward professionals and enthusiasts in the genre and also offers a high-quality art show and a dealers’ room. The culminating event is the World Fantasy Award ceremony and banquet, where the coveted award is bestowed on the previous year’s best fantasy literature and on individuals whose work has helped to define and shape the genre. Find more info at

Utah Fandom Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to bringing quality science fiction and fantasy events to Utah. Your contributions may be tax deductible, to the extent allowable by law.

Support Diversity

World Fantasy Convention 2020 celebrates fantasy and horror literature and art in all forms, and we are putting together a program that reflects the many rich cultures and diverse peoples who contribute to the genre we love. To support this goal, several organizations and individual members have made it possible to sponsor memberships for people of color. To find out how to become a sponsor or to apply for one of these sponsored memberships, visit this page.


1 – Gain new international audiences for your products, programs, or organization

2 – Reach a highly informed and engaged audience of book lovers

3 – Engage with our estimated 1,000 attendees from around the world

4 – Participate in an exciting, highly anticipated celebration of fantasy art and fiction

5 – Support a thriving literary community of professionals



Sponsorship funds of all amounts are appreciated! Donations not earmarked to the People Of Color Sponsored Membership initiative will go toward the costs of running this year's convention, including:

  • Technology purchase and development

  • Communication needs

  • Printing and shipping materials

  • Administrative costs (ex: website hosting, financial fees, guest expenses, etc.)

*To designate a donation for a specific purpose, contact



In an in-person World Fantasy Convention every attending member receives a bag filled with fantasy books and magazines donated by publishers and authors. With the transition to a virtual convention, our traditional book bags have undergone a change. This year we won't offer a physical bag filled with books. Instead we're putting together a Virtual Book Bag. Every person who participates in the Virtual World Fantasy Convention 2020 will be able to download eBooks. These books will be read, discussed, tweeted about, posted about, reviewed, and enjoyed by some of the most enthusiastic fantasy readers anywhere.


We are now accepting donations of eBooks. For more information, contact Ginny at

For more information, or to partner with us, contact Ginny

Publishers, connect with our Pub Liaison,Diane.