Fairyland v6 punchthrough.png


We are in love with our steampunk fairy logo, and very grateful to Robert Goodwin, the artist who created her. 

We love her so much that we wanted to show her off. And now we can - and so can you! We've created several products with our logo - both with and without words - available for purchase.


We don't make a single dime on this merchandise. We're not about making money, but we're all about showing off this fabulous piece of art that symbolizes the very first Virtual World Fantasy Convention.

Are you coming to the convention? If so you'll want to show up (virtually speaking) in style! Order a shirt or a mask, or a cup or a mug, with Ms. Virtual WFC 2020 prominently displayed. If not (and why not?!?!) you can still own a shirt or a mask with this awesome piece of artwork. You'll be stopped in the grocery store by people saying, "What is that awesome steampunk fairy, and where can I get a mask just like yours?"

Here's a sample of the merchandise available here!

Merch Collage 1.png