2020 Dealers' Room

The 46th World Fantasy Convention will be held 29 October through 01 November 2020 at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.We are pleased to be taking applications for the 2020 Dealers Room. The Dealer tables will be located in multiple rooms on the Mezzanine Level with access from the loading dock via elevator.

The Dealers' Room is juried.

The World Fantasy Convention reserves the right to select dealers and to limit the amount of table space assigned. Such factors as promptness of response, clarity and accuracy of information, prior WFC experience, and the nature of merchandise offered will be considered, but the final decision will be ours. Once the list is filled, we will post the Dealers Room open hours and the list of Dealers.

Dealers' Room Rates

$150 for each six-foot table, with a maximum of 3 tables.


In order to accommodate as many dealers as possible in the space provided, dealers will usually be limited to no more than two (2) tables. If requested, the third table MAY be available. DO NOT pay for any tables until you are notified your request has been approved.

Access to electricity will be limited and may require additional charges.

Dealing Information for Utah

Dealers will be required to collect and pay sales tax to the State of Utah. We will provide the Utah State Tax Commission with your name, address, phone number, email, contact person, and either your federal Tax ID, your Utah sales tax ID, or your social security number.

When you arrive at The Little America Hotel to set up your table, you will be given a Temporary Sales Tax License, tax rate charts, and a postage paid envelope. It is your responsibility to remit the appropriate taxes to the Utah State Commission. Please note that Utah vendors who have a physical place of business must file the Temporary Sales Tax License saying the sales will take place away from your regular place of business.


The current tax rate is 7.75%



Dealer and staff must be attending members of the 2020 World Fantasy Convention. Filing an application does not guarantee you a place in the room. If your application for tables is not initially accepted, you may be placed on our Wait List in anticipation of possible dealer cancellations. If you do not wish to be placed on the Wait List, please indicate that on your application. If you do not get tables in the Dealers Room your money will be refunded. Once accepted into the Dealers Room, dealers will be given refunds ONLY if their tables are


  • Dealing from hotel room is not allowed. You must rent tables in the Dealers Room.

  • Dealers should inform us in advance if they wish to share tables. Further, dealers may not sublet space on their tables without asking and receiving permission to do so.

  • Dealers' displays may not exceed seven (7) feet in height unless specifically exempted.

  • Anything leaning or propped against a wall must be padded at points of contact. Nothing may be affixed to the walls by tape, staple, tack, nail, or any other means.

  • Merchandise for sale must be lawful and legal in and of itself and not be in violation of any copyright, patent or trademark. The sale of any bootleg or illegally imported items is specifically prohibited. The burden of legitimacy is on the dealer.


  • Dealers MUST indicate acceptance of the Warranty & Waiver of Liability form, including date of this acceptance. The acceptor should be that of the contact person shown on the Dealers Application form.

Submit an Application

The dealers' application form can be completed online by clicking here

You may also download the form here:

Completed forms can be sent to dealer@wfc2020.org or be mailed to:

Scott Minor
WFC 2020 Dealers Room
939 N Washington St.
Pottstown, PA 19464


Applications should be received no later than April 30, 2020. Initial acceptance and Wait List notifications will be sent out within 2 months.

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