2020 World Fantasy Convention Committee

The 2020 World Fantasy Convention is hosted by Utah Fandom Organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to bringing quality science fiction and fantasy events to Utah.

Fairyland v6 punchthrough.png

 Chair: Ginny Smith

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Vice-Chair: Pamela Oberg

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Advisory Board: Dave Doering • Bruce Farr • Terry Fong • Mike Willmoth 

Art Show: Logan Kearsley (committee head) • Scott Zrubek

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Autograph Session: Chris Abela • Jessica Guernsey 

Book Bag Coordinator: Bruce Farr • Lauren Abbott

Dealers' Room: Scott Minor (committee head) • Michael J. Walsh 

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Guest Liaison: Jayrod Garrett 

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Hospitality: Melissa Tolliver 

Party Czar: Marilynn Rockelmann 

Press Relations Liaison: Cara O’Sullivan 

Programming: Pamela Oberg

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Publications: Michelle Corso (committee head) Joe Monson • Patrick Swenson (souvenir book)

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Publisher Liaison: Diane Lacey 

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Registration: Angela Wilson (committee head) • Anna Zogg 

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Social Media: Karen Fishwick 

Treasurer: Christy Delliskave 

Virtual Task Force: Michael Harmon (committee head) Josh Acocella • Shellie Ellington • Cassiopeia L. Fletcher •  Lorna Hansmann • Jennifer Neal • Sofiya Pasternack 

Webmistress: Lauren Abbott • Melissa Rowley

WFA Finalist Liaison: Kat Kellermeyer 

Committee: Taylor Abbott • Sherri Benoun • Ann Chamberlin • Noelle Crawford • Melva Gifford • Brie (Brianna) Hardy •  Chris Marble • Beth Marlowe • Joshua Moses • Odin Hartshorn Halvorson • Jannie Shea • Susie Smith • Ted Smith •  Heidi Voss •  Lucinda Wise 

WFC 2020 would like to express our deep appreciation to Rob Goodwin, the artist who created our steampunk fairy logo. We are in awe of Rob's talent, and very grateful for his contribution to the convention.

Interested in helping us host World Fantasy Convention in 2020? There's room for your name on this list! Email Ginny to talk about your role.