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2020 World Fantasy Convention Committee

The 2020 World Fantasy Convention is hosted by Utah Fandom Organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to bringing quality science fiction and fantasy events to Utah.


Dee Ann Larsen         Email Dee Ann

Ginny Smith              Email Ginny

Advisory Board

Bruce Farr

Kate Hatcher

Mike Willmoth

Dealers' Room

Scott Minor, Committee Head

Michael J. Walsh, Advisor

Email Dealers' Room

Guest Liaison

Jayrod Garrett

Email Guest Liaison

Public Relations

Cara O'Sullivan, Press Relations

Sammie Trinidad, Marketing and Advertising

Email Press Relations

Email Marketing and Advertising


Pamela Oberg, Committee Head

Diane Lacey

Email Programming

Volunteer Liaison

C.H. Hung

Email Volunteer Liaison

Art Show

Logan Kearsley, Committee Head

Scott Zrubek, Advisor

Email Art Show


Christy Delliskave, Treasurer

Email Finance

Hotel Liaison

Marilynn Rockelman


Joe Monson

Patrick Swenson, Souvenir Book

Email Publications


Ann Chamberlin, Committee Head

Anna Zogg

Email Registration

At-Large Committee Members

Brenda Carr

Colleen Cahill

Dave Doering

Banquet & Receptions

Scott Bringhurst

On-Site Technology

Cary Petterborg

Publisher Liaison

Wendy Nikel

Email Publisher Liaison


Melissa Tolliver

Heidi Petterborg


Alicia McIntyre

Melva Gifford

Web Mistress

Lauren Abbott

Interested in helping us host World Fantasy Convention in 2020? There's room for your name on this list! Email Ginny or

Dee Ann to talk about your role.