Art Show

We are so excited to have the World Fantasy Convention Art Show in Salt Lake City. There are
many wonderful artists who will be exhibiting in the show. Among them is David A. Cherry, our artist guest of honor and multiple-award winner. Come see his artwork and the works of the many other great artists in our show!

Art Show Information

Convention members can purchase art by silent/written bidding. The convention art show will not hold a live auction. Prints and other art, such as art books, will be available for immediate purchase in the Print Shop.

Location and Hours

The Art Show is located in the Wyoming, Idaho and Arizona Rooms.

It will be open during the following times:


Thursday, October 29:      2 pm–7 pm (opens to convention members)

Friday, October 30:         10 am– 7 pm

Saturday, October 31:     10 am– 7 pm, 8 pm-10 pm 

                                    Reception, 8 pm–10 pm

                                    Written/silent bidding will end at 10:30 pm.

 Sunday, November 1:     10 am– 1 pm (members can pick-up purchased art)

                                    1 pm–6 pm (closed to convention members; artist check-out)

Art Show Reception

An Art Show Reception will be held on Saturday, October 31st, 8-10 pm, in the Grand Ballroom Reception area. The Art Show will be open to members during the reception. Convention members are encouraged to attend the reception to meet the artists. Written/silent bidding will close after the reception at 10:30 pm.

Qualifications / Rules for Exhibiting Artwork

ARTISTS -- To learn more about the qualifications, rules and process for applying and application forms, please click here.

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